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[PRE-ORDER DEPOSIT] VELIT 2000U Under Bench Air Conditioner 12V 7000Btu

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Due to insufficient funding, there has been a significant delay in the launch of this product. We plan to launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund this project. The full price will remain at $1499 and we estimate to deliver in late 2023. Pre-order now with a fully refundable deposit of $500. 

This DC-powered under-bench air conditioner is the perfect option for stealth campers and anyone who wants fresh cool air along their journey. With vents through the bottom of the vehicle, it is 100% unnoticeable and will never leak. It features extremely easy installation and can fit in almost any floor plan. With the DC-powered twin-cylinder rotor compressor, Velit 2000U is able to deliver cool air at up to 126F for an extended period of time without needing a giant inverter which is required for traditional RV ACs.

Download installation instruction

Download cutting template

Note: We are still iterating on the design for easier installation but the overall dimension is locked. 

This model currently has a lead time of 6-8 weeks. 




Input Voltage


Operating Current


Cooling Capacity

7000BTU/ 2000W

Air Flow Rate


Rated Power



R134a 750g

Power Consumption 

Eco mode: 240w+

Boost mode: 480W-650W

Noise Level

Eco mode: 62dB

Boost mode:70dB





Customer Reviews

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For a minivan camper

I would be really interested in using this In the stow and go seating area where I removed all my seats on the minivan camper build out. I have some concerns about the venting below and snow/slush, rain kick up under the vehicle getting in the vent before committing that kind of money I’d like to see some info/ videos on how it’s gonna work and if I pre order a discount would be nice for version 1 ers. I am on board with this it saves roof space for solar and paired with a good solar generator it would make a great easy addition to a build out the draw looks good and the btu is on par with what you would need to keep a low insulated van cool I believe most car ac units are 8000btu I’d pair this unit with an eco flo delta pro, 3600w solar generator and 400w of solar up top of the mini van and call it good would like to speak with you guys thank you.

Outdoors Embrace on YouTube

I'm looking at getting this once it's fully on the market!